Only One Week Away!!! 12th National Conference on Hydrocephalus! What it’s all about!

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Conference LogoOur biennial hydrocephalus conference is one of the traditional cornerstones of the Hydrocephalus Association’s commitment to meeting the far ranging needs of our community.

This year, from June 27th through July 1st, the HA invites you to join us in Bethesda, MD at our the 12th National Conference on Hydrocephalus.

Education, education, education…

Hydrocephalus is a complex condition that affects people of different ages, for different reasons, and in different ways.  The 76 year old person diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) has completely different informational requirements than the parent of an infant with hydrocephalus or a 30 year old person with Adult Onset Hydrocephalus who is making his/her way in the working world.

What they all have in common is that they all deserve the most current information available, and that is one of the building blocks of our conference.   Our educational sessions bring members of our community together with medical experts to mutually educate themselves.  Broken down into sessions that cover a wide array of issues with an accompanying question and answer portion, these sessions are an unparalleled opportunity to learn more about the latest thoughts on hydrocephalus.

Many topics will be covered during this year’s conference; Anatomy and Physiology of hydrocephalus, ETV, Headaches and Hydrocephalus, Complex Hydrocephalus, Workplace Communications, The ABCs of IEPs, Neuropsychology, Driving and Hydrocephalus, Special Needs Planning, Slit Ventricle Syndrome, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus… and many more sessions. Please click on the program for a full list of the all covered topics and conference agenda.

12th National Conference Program

You are not alone.  The interpersonal connection sessions:

Another key element of the conference, historically, has been the way in which it binds us together as a community.  So often our members feel isolated and alone, believing that their experiences are felt in a vacuum.  Every two years we come together to meet and form friendships and alliances that will last a lifetime.  The interpersonal sessions have been the cornerstone of the conference where attendees meet in small groups and share their experiences with one another.  This year’s interpersonal sessions are scheduled on Thursday, June 28th.

Who should know about hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus should become a household name. We are taking it to the steps of Capitol Hill to raise awareness about hydrocephalus. Judy Schneider, will teach us about Congress and how it works during her session “Getting to the Heart of Congress” on Wednesday, June 27. On Thursday, June 28, John Lawrence and Amy Rosenbaum will provide training on how to talk our representatives. We will be Climbing Capitol Hill for a Cure on Thursday afternoon, June 28th to teach our policy makers about hydrocephalus. We are speaking in numbers! Let’s take action now!

What about research?

Our Robert Pudenz Lectureship, sponsored by Rudi Shulte Research Institute and moderated by Gordon McComb, MD, will feature our Scientific Keynote Speaker Story Landis, PhD, Director of National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) as well as a panel of researchers, John Kestle MD, J P MacAllister, PhD, Jay Riva-Cambrin, MD.  Other topics that will be discussed: The state of hydrocephalus research and HA’s role; Jill Morris of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and HA Board Chairman, Paul Gross will discuss NIH funding during a special luncheon; Michael Williams, MD will talk about what it takes to participate in clinical trials; A session on genetics and hydrocephalus.

Registration is still open!

Join us and learn from the experts in the field of hydrocephalus and from one another.

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