Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Guidelines

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By Tom Smith and Michael Williams, MD

In 2000, the late Anthony Marmarou, PhD convened an independent study group to begin the process of addressing one of the major issues surrounding Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH).  After convening, these experts published five guidelines concerning NPH.

The guidelines, for the first time, rigorously reviewed the existing evidence regarding the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes in NPH, and as a result provided a structured framework that significantly influenced the treatment of NPH as well as research on the disorder. The guidelines also identified significant gaps in our knowledge that has led to new clinical and basic research.

These guidelines consist of five independent papers: Development of Guidelines, Diagnosis, Prognostic Tests, Surgical Management, and Outcomes.

The following are links to the guidelines:

  1. Development of INPH Guidelines Intro
  2. Diagnosing INPH
  3. Value of Prognostic Tests for INPH
  4. Surgical Management of INPH
  5. Outcome of Shunting in INPH

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