NO to Bullying!

No to bullyingBy Madeleine Darowiche

Bullying is something that has unfortunately become increasingly prevalent today, as more than one of every five students is bullied according to the National Bullying Prevention Center. That needs to stop right now. Bullying is never right in any way, shape or form, whether it is done in person or through technology. If you see someone being bullied, speak up! It can be difficult, but the victim will appreciate it. If you are the one being bullied, stay strong! It is a terrible experience, and can be very hard to face. Do not ignore it. That will most likely cause it to continue. You can have that courage to either tell an adult or stand up for yourself. If you tell an adult and it seems they aren’t really responsive, keep trying! It is not fair for anyone to have to go through bullying.

I know that words can really hurt, but try not to take it to heart. You are an amazing person regardless of what someone says about you. You are so much more. They are just being petty. Chances are, they are jealous of you. Never change yourself because of what someone says about you. Just keep being your awesome self. You are not worthless, no matter how bad someone makes you feel. Bullying gets a person nowhere; there is absolutely no point to it. That is just appalling that someone can get some kind of satisfaction by making another person feel bad about themselves.

We are all different, that is what makes us great. And if people don’t realize that, forget about them. They aren’t a true friend. Just have courage, and you will be able to get through this. It can seem like the end of the world to you, but it isn’t. You will be the one who gets the last laugh when you become a very successful and kind person later on. Sometimes, you just need to hang on a little bit longer than you would like. Never let go! Remember all the positive things you have going for you now, as well as the future! Stay awesome, you CAN do this. Bullies do not, and never will define the true person you are!

Support and Resources for Teens and Young Adults

PACER Center Teens Against Bullying
Teens Health 
End To Cyber Bullying Organization

Let’s put a stop to bullying! Support each other! 

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