New Ask the Expert Video Series for Adults Living with Hydrocephalus

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Are patients with hydrocephalus predisposed to having more headaches? Is it safe for women with hydrocephalus to get pregnant? If you haven’t had any problems with your shunt or ETV for many years, is it necessary to see a medical professional? These are a few of the questions we address in our new Ask the Expert Video Series for Adults Living with Hydrocephalus.

The new series features two experts from Johns Hopkins Cerebral Fluid Center: Dr. Mark Luciano, a neurosurgeon, and Abhay Moghekar, a neurologist. Together with Amanda Garzon, HA’s National Director of Program Services and Communications, and Jennifer Bechard, HA’s Education Manager, they tackle some of the most common questions the Hydrocephalus Association receives to its support line and on social media.

Videos include:

  • Episode 1:  Slit Ventricles vs. Slit Ventricle Syndrome
  • Episode 2:  Headaches and Hydrocephalus
  • Episode 3:  Pregnancy and Hydrocephalus, Is It Safe?
  • Episode 4:  With No Problems Should You See a Neurosurgeon?
  • Episode 5:  Intracranial Pressure in Hydrocephalus Patients
  • Episode 6:  Transitioning to Adult Healthcare

In the fall of 2019, we also launched a new Ask the Expert video series for patients living with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH). To view these and other helpful videos, visit HA’s YouTube channel, click on Playlists and select the desired Ask the Expert playlist.

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