Magic of Our Caregivers

The Holiday Season – a time of the year dedicated to giving thanks and presenting gifts of appreciation and love for those in our lives. As individuals living with hydrocephalus, we are supported by amazing people who care for us, love us, and give to us unconditionally throughout the year. These people include family, friends, medical providers, and colleagues, among others. On this page we celebrate and thank YOU for your love and dedication to each and every one of us.

Join our Storyboard! If your life is touched by hydrocephalus, we invite you to share the magic of a special caregiver in your life. Email a short note of gratitude to Please do not share personal information. Feel free to include a photograph. Optional information to include in your signature besides your name are age of diagnosis. For example, Amanda, diagnosed at 23 or Amanda, daughter diagnosed at birth.

by Jennifer, diagnosed age 10
How do you begin to thank someone who has given so much and asked for so little in return? Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel for all the love and support my mother has shown me throughout my life. Read more…

 by Roxanne, diagnosed at age 24
My caregivers is my wonderful boyfriend/soulmate Justin. He watches my hydrocephalus better than anyone. Last year I didn’t wake up one morning and he knew exactly what to do. I didn’t wake up for 7 days and he was by my side every second. He is my guardian angel!!!
 by Angie
I would like to thank my sister Leanna and my mom LaDonna for helping with my laundry and picking up things for me at the store, and running small errands. They mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would do without them.
 by Brandi, diagnosed at age 17
The Magic of my mom, Denise. She’s been there through it all and has always made sure that I had everything even if she had to do without. She has taken on many roles since I’ve been born: mother, best friend, hero, and now my caregiver. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have  Read more…
 by Alexandrea, diagnosed at 6 weeks (who is non-verbal) written by Jenifer
How do you say thank you to your mother for everything that she has done for you when you can’t speak? How do you say thank you to your mother who has given up so much for you and has truly asked for so little in return? Well you enlist the help of your identical twin sister. Read more…
 by Stacey, diagnosed at 25 years old
It is amazing what people are capable of and it is in times of hardships and struggles that people can really show how much they truly care. My mother and her sister, my aunt, are the best caregivers anyone could ask for. After a couple years of struggling for a diagnosis at 25 I was diagnosed with obstructive hydrocephalus. Read more…
 by Haylea, diagnosed around 1 month old
I would like to thank my mom, Daphne for always being there in pre-op holding. Words can not describe how much I love you. Thank you for taking care of me each time I have had surgery. I can’t imagine how a parent feels watching a child go through the pain. It is hard to believe, I am 23 years old and have been SHUNT Free for almost 10 years this upcoming December 27th. Even though there have been tough spots in the last ten years- in 2006 and 2008, I want toThank You for being my advocate when I was not able to.
 by Garry, diagnosed at 3 months old
I’m a 39 yr. old man that has had a very good life, can’t complain about much! At 3 months old my parents found out I had Hydrocephalus secondary to Meningitis, I had 5 operations by 2 than 1 at 8, and 1 at 16! Then I always had everyday pain ( compared to now) it was a cake walk! Read more…
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