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Hydrocephalus Association Virtual WALK Program

by Randi Corey, HA Director of Special Events

virtual walk buttonAnnouncing the Hydrocephalus Association’s (HA) Virtual WALK and virtual walker programs! No HA WALK in your area yet?  But you’d still like to participate (walk, raise money, be eligible for prizes) in a HA WALK?  Join HA’s “Virtual WALK site!”  HA is expanding the number of WALK sites across the U.S. at an incredible pace but there are still many locations without a HA WALK (yet!)  So that everyone who wishes to may participate HA has developed the Virtual WALK program!

Have a HA WALK site in your area but you are unable to participate on the day of the event?  HA’s virtual walker option is for you!

How does it work? Walkers unable to attend a regular HA WALK (due to the distance or other issues precluding someone from participating in a HA WALK in their area) or living in an area without a HA WALK site may register and participate as “Virtual Walkers.”  Virtual walkers do many of the same things participants at our 31 WALK sites do:  they register to walk, they raise money using online fundraising tools and/or asking friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them, they walk (in their neighborhood at a date and time of their choosing – honor system!), and they are eligible for WALK prizes.

To participate as a Virtual Walker (because there is no HA WALK in your area or because you are unable to participate in the scheduled HA WALK in your community):

  1. Go to the HA web page at www.hydroassoc.com, click on WALK, click on Schedule of WALKs, and choose “Virtual WALK!” (at the bottom of the list)
  2. If there’s a HA WALK in your community but you can’t be there register as a virtual walker at: www.hydroassoc.com, click on WALK, click on Schedule of WALKs, choose your local WALK site.
  3. Register to participate by clicking “Register Here”
  4. After reviewing the participant waiver, click “I Agree” and complete the Registration form (follow the prompts)
  5. When you register your own personal WALK web page will be automatically generated; this will allow you to send emails to family, friends, colleagues – anyone and everyone you know – asking them to sponsor you!  They can easily do so on your WALK web page using a credit card – or they may make a pledge.
  6. Raise money using HA’s online fundraising tools and/or in person by asking friends and family to support your participation.  (If you would like tips on how to raise money contact the HA national office 888-598-3789  Ext. 13)
  7. Choose a day and time and then walk in your neighborhood (honor system.)  The location, route and distance are up to the individual walker (although we suggest at least 3 miles – approximately a one-hour walk for an average adult.)  All virtual walkers must complete the “walking” portion no later than November 5, 2011.
  8. Mail any checks collected to HA (please convert any cash to a check or a money order – please do not mail cash!)  Don’t forget to include your name and contact information and that you are a virtual walker!
  9. Tell us you’re done – email Jordan Faigen at the HA national office (jordan@hydroassoc.com) with the following information: your name, phone number, that you have completed fundraising and you have completed the walking portion. (If you have raised $50 or more please include your T-shirt size.  T-Shirts are unisex so they run larger.)
  10. If you raised $250 or more you will receive your incentive prize certificate via email or US Postal Service.  Instructions for redeeming your prize certificate will be enclosed.  After you have redeemed your prize it will be shipped directly to you. (Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.)
  11. That’s it!  You are finished!  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and for helping support HA’s mission of eliminating the challenges of hydrocephalus.

More detailed instructions on participating as a virtual walker are available from the Hydrocephalus Association national office.  Just call 888-598-3789  Ext. 13 or email Jordan Faigen (jordan@hydroassoc.com.)

Thank You!

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