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Brenda Short

The Hydrocephalus Association’s WALK-a-thon program was once just a small group of San Francisco Bay area families taking a stroll to support each other and the hydrocephalus community. Now we have over 30 WALK events throughout the country with more than 8,000 participants, raising over $750,000! While we are always adding new WALK sites to our event schedule, we realize not everyone can easily attend a WALK event. In order to include as many individuals as possible in our WALK program we have created the Virtual WALK option. This online fundraising initiative allows people to register and hold their own symbolic WALK while still raising money for the Hydrocephalus Association (HA). We invite individuals to register and use their personal donation page to encourage friends and family to donate and spread the word about hydrocephalus. We welcome participants to hold their own neighborhood walk, host a backyard BBQ, have a bowling night or hold any other activity to bring their community together in the name of hydrocephalus.

Brenda Short, from Canada, took advantage of this unique WALK opportunity and shared her story with us:

“For my Virtual Walk I pushed my boy, who has hydrocephalus, Logan in his wheelchair while my older kids ran in a 1 mile race to earn points for their school’s running club. I always enjoy getting out and having Logan do the things his big Sister (9 yrs) and Big Brother (7 yrs) do, and the faster Logan goes the more he enjoys it. So far this year we have been in 4 Races and he is usually the youngest wheelchair athlete participating.”


Meagan from South Dakota also participated in our Virtual WALK program:

My daughter has hydrocephalus due to aqueductal stenosis.  She had endoscopic third Ventriculostomy (ETV) surgery at 7 months old.  She is almost 5 and doing amazing.  We are very blessed.  We did a family walk along the Big Sioux River.

We look forward to hearing other stories from Virtual WALKers as the Virtual WALK continues to raise money and awareness for hydrocephalus.

Join us today http://walk4hydro.kintera.org/virtual

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