Have You Encountered Any Challenges in School Due to Hydrocephalus?

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We asked on our Teens Take Charge Facebook Page:

“Have you encountered any challenges in school due to hydrocephalus? What have you done to overcome them?”

Many young adults and parents shared personal experiences with us. Below,  Madeleine Darowiche discusses a few of the obstacles she has faced in school and offers some positive words of encouragement for her fellow peers.

Madeleine DarowicheFor me, school has thankfully brought few challenges. I have always struggled in math and anything related to math. I cope with these problems in several ways. I study very hard, reviewing the material over and over again. I know that it is not always easy, but it will help. Sometimes though, with the more difficult concepts, it might not work. You might review the material many times, and still not do as well as you had hoped. Trust me, I know this is discouraging. I too have experienced that. When this occurs, I have discovered that it sometimes helps to discuss it with your teacher. I have learned that they are usually more than willing to help. Then, after talking to the teacher you should improve. If not, do not get discouraged and beat yourself up about it! Sometimes you must go through long struggles to get what you want. Things will turn around, though. I promise! I have struggled with math for years, but I am now doing well. I continue to have difficulty in chemistry, but I am still trying my hardest. Believe me, if the teacher sees that, they will know you are a good student who really works hard even when things do not turn out the way they want. Success will be that much better when you know how hard you worked for it!




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