Over 15,000 individuals and families participated in a WALK to End Hydrocephalus this year, raising over $2 million to support HA’s mission!

WALKs to End Hydrocephalus were held in 44 locations across the country.

Huntington Beach was the location for the first-ever Orange County WALK to End Hydrocephalus.

The WALKs are an opportunity to meet others impacted by hydrocephalus and to raise critical funds for the Hydrocephalus Association’s education, support, and research efforts. All 44 HA WALKs are 100 percent volunteer-led by dedicated members of the hydrocephalus community.

“We, for the first time in our history, have exceeded $2 million in our WALK program. We could not do this without the wonderful members of the hydrocephalus community and the passionate volunteers who helped make each walk successful,” said Diana Gray, HA President and CEO.

TOP 5 WALK SITES (based on amount raised)
Orange County WALK to End Hydrocephalus:  $148,341
Los Angeles WALK to End Hydrocephalus:  $124,585
National Capital WALK to End Hydrocephalus:  $120,166
Seattle WALK to End Hydrocephalus:  $114,065
Long Island WALK to End Hydrocephalus:  $101,457

WALK participants are encouraged to form a team and to raise funds for their teams. This year, there were 1,290 teams. Each varied in size — from two to over 100 people. 

Team Alex, from the South Florida WALK to End Hydrocephalus, was among the top 10 WALK teams.



TOP 10 WALK TEAMS (based on amount raised)

Team Alex (South Florida WALK) $44,120
Surf 4 Shea (Orange County WALK) $39,105
Team Rain (Los Angeles WALK) $34,161
UCSF Hydro Warriors (San Francisco WALK) $24,075
Team Spenser (South Florida WALK) $21,429
Charlie’s Angels (Los Angeles WALK) $20,735
Team Jacob (National Capital WALK) $20,711
Hydro Cure (NYC WALK) $20,324
Tyler’s Warriors (Long Island WALK) $19,825
Dr Muhonen and his CHOCalongs (Orange County WALK) $19,345