Fundraising Tips

Make Waves for Hydrocephalus DIY Fundraising

Below we have complied a few tips to help you create the most successful Make Waves for Hydrocephalus event possible. Be sure to incorporate these steps into your strategy to mobilize community!

#1: Be Creative and Make it Personal.

  • The possibilities for fundraising events are endless, so be creative and have fun— to find the right event to appeal to your community and network.
  • Take time to personalize your page. While your contacts are interested in the cause, their primary interest is you. Take a photo of yourself and update the sample text. This is the time to let your personality shine!

#2: Be your first donor!

  • Set an example and get your wave moving!
  • Your contacts are more likely to donate when they see that someone has already contributed. Donating your own money also demonstrates that you are serious about helping your both HA and the hydrocephalus community.

#3: Start with your Family and Friends.

  • Think of building your contact list like a pineapple. The best fundraisers start by asking their closest contacts first (the tasty fruit) and progressively working outward to more distant contacts (the prickly skin). Ideally, you don’t begin eating a pineapple skin first- start with the fruit!
  • Many studies show that as you progress towards your fundraising goal people become increasingly likely to donate!
  • Starting with close friends and family help establish progress, which can encourage your more distant contacts to give as well.

#4: It’s ok to ask, and more than once.

  • There is no perfect way to ask friends and family to donate to your cause. But these tips can help:  
    • Clearly explain your connection to hydrocephalus and why it’s important to you.
    • Describe your campaign or event that you are hosting.
    • Directly tell your family and friends how to help – by making a donation or joining you.
    • Let them know when to RSVP.
  • Remember: you are writing your contacts, it’s best to just be yourself!

#5: Utilize your Social Media network.

  • Facebook and Twitter are wonderful ways to reach your contacts in addition to sending emails. But don’t stop there, you can try at least one post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  • Make posts about your Make Waves for Hydrocephalus event, and include a direct request for your friends to either donate or join you.
  • Tag the people that have already donated to you, and thank them for giving to your Make Waves for Hydrocephalus fundraiser. When you tag others, your post gets shared twice; on your feed and the tagged person’s activity feed as well. This shows that people are already donating to your page and encourages others to give too.
  • Don’t make every post or tweet an “ask”. Share inspiring news or other positive stories about hydrocephalus or HA as well!

#6: Remember to follow-up and always give THANKS.

  • Reach out again to those that haven’t responded when you’re approaching one of your internal goals. Include progress updates in your follow-up messages and consider including any inspiring personal stories.
  • Use social media to connect with your contacts again.
  • Showing gratitude goes a long way. So remember to say thank you always — and often.  
  • Use your social media accounts to warmly thank your supporters – tag them in your thank you message. This also helps spread the word, and encourages others to join as they see these messages.
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