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Our partner website Gabriel’ is launching an ambitious campaign to raise awareness of hydrocephalus. On September 23, ABC will air the season premier of their hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” On the same day, Gabriel’s Life will launch a campaign to get a Gabriel’s Life sticker on the prime time television show.

How you can help.

  • Buy the stickers on the Gabriel’s Life website.
    If you buy three Gabriel’s Life stickers for $12, they will send you two stickers. Keep one and give the other to your favorite doctor or nurse, take a picture of him or her  with the sticker, and email it  to Gabriel’s Life, at Your picture will appear on the site.
  • Share your story.
    A third sticker will be sent to a staff or cast member of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” along  with  a copy of your hydrocephalus story  as it is posted on the Gabriel’s Life site. You can post your story, if you have not already done so, at
  • Ask your friends to buy stickers and be ambassadors for our campaign.

Why are we doing this?

We want more understanding of hydrocephalus within our community and the general public. This campaign will create opportunities for awareness on local and national levels and encourage the hydrocephalus community to think about solving the challenges of hydrocephalus in a new way.

Why does it make sense for a ABC and “Grey’s Anatomy” to care about hydrocephalus? Why should a Gabriel’s Life sticker appear on the prime time hospital television series?
The main character on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” is a neurosurgeon, Derrick Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey. Because of the frequent failure of shunts (the dominant treatment for hydrocephalus) and the need for them to be revised, surgeries related to hydrocephalus and shunts are considered the “bread and butter” of neurosurgery. Because the Dempsey character would be very familiar with hydrocephalus (hydrocephalus has been included in two episodes) it makes sense that he would also know and support the mission on Gabriel’s Life. He would have and display a Gabriel’s Life sticker, on his locker, or laptop or desk. We are not asking that a storyline be created around Gabriel’s Life. We simply want the logo to be treated like a product placement on the set.

Why should this matter to ABC?

Simply, this is a powerful way to raise awareness of something that impacts the lives of many people. Network television shows have significant influence and reach, this gives ABC an opportunity to do good within the context of the show, while adding a significant realistic detail. It could be considered a pro bono product placement and by participating ABC could bask in very positive attention. Doing good will make ABC look good.

Why does this matter to the hydrocephalus community?

Considering the number of people in the United States impacted by hydrocephalus, awareness of the condition is minimal and so are resources spent on research. This campaign will create opportunities for awareness on local and national levels. When the episode including the Gabriel’s Life sticker is broadcast, people from the hydrocephalus community will contact their local ABC news affiliate (we will provide a press release) and encourage them to do a story about how hydrocephalus impacts their community.

This is an ambitious project we need and appreciate your help and support. Thank you.
— The Gabriel’s Life Team

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