Educating the Media about Hydrocephalus

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Rick Smith, Acting Chief Executive Officer

We recently heard from someone with a complaint about her local newspaper – the paper had printed inaccurate information about hydrocephalus as part of the Congresswoman Giffords story. We responded to her with the suggestion that she should write a letter to the editor with the correct information to educate people about hydrocephalus. In the coming days and weeks we should monitor these stories and take every opportunity to provide good and accurate information about hydrocephalus. Really, it’s a great opportunity to increase awareness about hydrocephalus.

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2 Comments for : Educating the Media about Hydrocephalus
    • Melissa
    • June 29, 2011

    My father had a shunt inserted due to NPH and immediately was much better. However, after seven months fell out of bed and could not stand up.

    After spending approx. 14 months in a nursing home the physician prepped for surgery to try adifferent shutnt and saw the coil to the stomach was twisted. After urgery, he learned how to walk again with out the aid of a walker or wheelchair.

    Why did he not check this earlier?

    • Sheila
    • May 21, 2011

    The only real story I found about this, I mean besides the same thing repeated over and over again in blogs, was at and as far as I can see in this rather simplistic article is use of the term “wear” as in “will have to wear the shunt”. I don’t think that can be blamed squarely on the newspaper though; the website is probably updated by young people, maybe interns and no one really copy edits or fact checks it.

    This may not be where the original article is but since the person complaining did not, apparently, tell HA where the actual article is, this is just a guess at what she is talking about.

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