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Hydrocephalus Parent Communities Portal


Dealing with your child’s hydrocephalus diagnosis can be overwhelming. It’s common to have countless questions that range from learning more about what hydrocephalus is to what one can expect a child’s experience to be across the life spectrum.

Hydrocephalus Teens and Young Adults Communities Portal

Teens and Young Adults

If you’re a teen or young adult affected by hydrocephalus, we want you to know that you are not alone. Browse our teen and young adult pages to learn about resources to help you. This is YOUR place for information and empowerment.

Hydrocephalus Adult and Caregiver Communities Portal

Adults and Caregivers

A hydrocephalus diagnosis is overwhelming, whether you’re a recently diagnosed adult, someone who’s been living with the condition for many years, or a friend or family member. Here you will find information enabling you to have more control of your life.

Hydrocephalus NPH and Caregivers Communities Portal

NPH and Caregivers

A normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) diagnosis is often confusing, complex, scary and frustrating. For those living with NPH and their caregivers, staying informed about the condition is essential to managing care.

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