Diana Gray, MA

President and Chief Executive Officer

As the President and CEO, Diana’s primary responsibility is the leadership and overall management of all aspects of HA’s operations — governance, administration, finance, and programs.

Gabrielle, 25

My Hydrocephalus has played a role in shaping me into the person I am today and has changed my outlook on life. “Always play the best game with the cards you’ve been handed.”

Alexsis, 18

I was born 3 months early at just 28 weeks and I have had more brain surgery’s than birthday’s!

Vincent, 12

As Vincent recovered we scoured the internet looking for anything on Hydrocephalus. We had no idea so many people of all ages suffered from this condition!

Luna, 18 months

Luna was born 7 weeks early and delivery went pretty well, and after 17 hours our baby girl was finally here!

Hiro, 22 months

Hydrocephalus. I had never heard of the word and it sent me into a panic. The next day we named him Hiro, which means vast  in Japanese, we thought the name was very fitting!

Wylie, 6 months

Aqueductal Stenosis

Family members and friends remained very confused about her condition. It was from that point on that my husband and I would make it our mission to educate others on hydrocephalus.

Olivia, 7

Olivia had Grade III intraventricular hemorrhages (IVH) – or brain bleeds – in both ventricles. Today she is a beautiful 7 year old who has the ability to open doors that will lead her over new horizons.

Wyatt, 18 months

Congenital Hydrocephalus.

He’s the funniest, sweetest, most caring and heartfelt little boy I’ve ever laid eyes on and I’m so proud of him.

Christopher, 46

Having a shunt has made my life anything but boring, and adjusting to what I call, “life in low resolution,” was not easy, it has changed my life’s path, but it hasn’t ruined it.

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