Cathy, 46

Cathy had always experienced headaches here and there but it wasn’t until a laughing fit in 2018 caused scary symptoms that sent her to the emergency room. It was then that she learned she had hydrocephalus.

Samantha, 23

Samantha lived her entire life with a shunt to treat her hydrocephalus until an emergency trip to the hospital at age 22 changed everything.

Danielle, 29

Danielle spent years with debilitating symptoms that caused her to struggle in school and life. Eventually as an adult, she was treated for hydrocephalus and it changed her life.

Zoe, 6 months old

Zoe is not even a year old but has already endured 13 surgeries. Despite her challenges, she continues to amaze everyone with her smiles and joy.

Jacob, 37

Jacob grew up with learning disabilities due to his hydrocephalus. However, he eventually figured out a way to turn his challenges into a gift for himself and others as a tool for memory retrieval and later behavior management, life skills and so much more.

Jack, 2

At almost 2 years old, Jack has already endured nine brain surgeries to treat his hydrocephalus. But his parents have no doubt that their little “fighter” will continue to amaze them and make them stronger in the process.

Isaac, 3

When Isaac developed hydrocephalus, his parents were told that he would have severe disabilities his entire life. Now, the spunky 3-year-old is defying the odds – running, laughing, dancing, speaking two languages and more!

Wali, 23

Wali was in and out of the hospital frequently as a child due to his hydrocephalus, and then again when he was older. But that didn’t stop him from pushing hard in school. Today, he’s doing what he loves to do and is the proud owner of an IT company.

Tyler, 36

I have learned that no matter what I’m going through, I can have a positive attitude and a determination to overcome any obstacle I meet. 

James, 36

I was born in Winchester hospital in England one month early due to an accident. While I was being born there were complications that resulted in the onset of hydrocephalus and the need for a shunt. When I was 10 months old the original shunt became blocked and had to be replaced. I then had […]

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