James, 36

I was born in Winchester hospital in England one month early due to an accident. While I was being born there were complications that resulted in the onset of hydrocephalus and the need for a shunt. When I was 10 months old the original shunt became blocked and had to be replaced. I then had […]

Brenna, 39

Brenna’s life was turned upside down after she developed #hydrocephalus six years ago. But after undergoing brain surgery for a #shunt, she refused to let her condition stop her from enjoying the outdoor adventures she always loved.

Danielle, 21

I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at the age of 7 years old and had my first shunt on August 14, 2007. Doctors told me I was going to live with a shunt for the rest of my life but Aug. 20th 2020 is the 10th anniversary of being shunt free!

Brianna, 23

Brianna grew up in and out of the hospital. That’s when she found her passion of becoming a pediatric nurse. Now she’s about to achieve her childhood dream. Read her inspiring hydrocephalus journey here and then share your own!

Marcos, 24

Growing up Marcos faced multiple surgeries and long hospital stays. But he has overcome it all with remarkable resilience. Read his incredible story to find out how the countless nights in the hospital helped him find his mission in life!

Eric, 23

My perception of hydrocephalus has changed. I no longer view it as a limitation nor a difference to be scared of, but a unique quality that brings out my greatest strengths while nurturing my weaknesses.

Lynn, 54

What happens if you wake up one morning to crippling headaches and learn that you’ve had hydrocephalus your whole life? That’s what happened to Lynn. After some ups and downs, her hydrocephalus diagnosis inspired her to live life with purpose and help others however she can.

Michael, 27

“I use my #hydrocephalus fears to inspire me to live without regrets. So, I’ve done every WALK to End Hydrocephalus held in my hometown and intend to continue to raise money and awareness. There are all kinds of survivors. I’m a medical survivor and a self-described ‘fighter with the soul of a peacemaker.’”

Lola, 30

Today I’m happy that the good days still outnumber the bad days. My hope is that in sharing a snippet of my journey with hydrocephalus, you are able to focus on the good days and not the bad days of your journey with this condition.

Max, 3

“Max is our inspiration for everything. As his parents, we couldn’t be prouder of him!”

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