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My name is Megan, and I’m the big sister of Brady. My brother was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at birth, and I want to help find a cure.

I’d never heard of hydrocephalus until Brady was born. Without Brady, I don’t think a single one of my 14-year-old friends would know about it now, either. It’s amazing how something can make such a dramatic imprint on a person’s life and their loved ones,
while almost everyone they know can’t even spell it — let alone have more than a tiny tidbit of information on it.

Last year I joined the advisory council of Teens Take Charge, HA’s new program to engage and encourage youth like me and those living with hydro to have a voice and participate in advocacy and fundraising efforts. As a council member, I have raised awareness of hydrocephalus at my school by selling bracelets. They are white, glow in the dark, and say “Brady’s Dream” on the front, and “a cure for hydrocephalus” in the inside. Many of my friends, and even teachers bought them! It’s been a huge success.

I GIVE because I want to cure hydrocephalus within my lifetime, and I think this is totally possible.

By supporting HA, I feel like I am doing my part, and with everyone’s special contributions put together, a big change will be made.

Will you help support our dream? To donate, please click here: MY HOLIDAY GIFT


Teens Take Charge Council Member

P.S. We sold out of bracelets and have done other fundraisers to provide nearly $10,000 in support of research and Teens Take Charge! I hope you will donate to continue this critical work!


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