A Poem for HydroWarriors

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Amanda Harrinauth is a poet, author, life coach and Special Olympics athlete living with hydrocephalus, vision impairment and autism. She has endured 21 brain surgeries to manage her hydrocephalus, but she never lets that stop her from reaching her goals. For Hydrocephalus Awareness Month, she wrote a poem for the hydrocephalus community. 

We are Hydro warriors, we are strong and true.
We fight everyday, we have much to prove.
Many of us sick and scarred, but we bring light and hope to our loved ones.
“We will never give up” Hydro Warrior rise up and be brave.
Although our heads have been shaved, our hearts are filled with love.
We are the strength in the world, that many will follow.
We are HydroWarriors and we are here to lead the way.

Read more of Amanda’s poetry on her website: 

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    As if you could settle on a single thing or word that could really express the blessing this women is to me. I am so glad she is my friend. I have never seen her as a disabled person but as an amazing women of God and my friend who happens to have some set backs. She inspires me everyday.

    • Carolyn Hicks
    • September 30, 2020

    God has his arms around you even when you may not think He doesn’t.Keep up good spiritual work you’re doing to help people in their mind setting.🙏🏾

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