Make Waves for “Dean The Machine” – The Hydrocephalus Endurance Race Car!

Show your support for “Dean The Machine” hydrocephalus race car by attending its first race at the 24 hour of LeMons Race and/or you can also show your support by making a donation to the Hydrocephalus Association in honor of Dean The Machine! New York-based HydroDad Bennett Wilson wanted a creative and fun way to raise awareness and funds for hydrocephalus research & programs, so he built a hydrocephalus race car! The race car is named “Dean the Machine” in honor of Bennett’s 3-year-old son Dean who is living with hydrocephalus and has a budding passion for race cars!

The first race will take place at the 24 Hours of LeMons Race 

WHEN: Aug. 11-12

WHERE: Thompson Speedway in Thompson, CT. 


Follow their adventure on FACEBOOK, on INSTRAGRAM, or check out their WEBSITE.

Words from Bennett Wilson:

We are building a race car.  But not just any race car.  A race car to help spread awareness of Hydrocephalus.  A condition that affects over 1 million Americans.

My son Dean “The Machine” was born with Hydrocephalus.  He underwent 3 brain surgeries by the time he was 9 months old.  Through the amazing work of our neurosurgeon, Dean’s condition was treated, and he has grown into a very happy, energetic, and handsome 3 year old.

Dean loves race cars! Thank you Pixar.  We love race cars too.  So we thought, why not build Dean a race car, and we’ll use it to raise awareness about the condition, and also bring smiles to the faces of other kids affected by it.

Our plan for the car has many layers to it.  When we decided to build the car, we figured it had to be an endurance racer.  Hydrocephalus patients endure a life time of battling the condition, and endurance racing is the perfect racing to embody that struggle.  It also gives us the opportunity to reach people for a much longer event than just a night at the drag strip.  We will be competing in several endurance races over the first season, and will then take things from there.

We are also planning to bring the car to Hydrocephalus events all over region and possibly the country!  We are planning to take the car to Hydrocephalus WALKS, picnics, and gatherings, as well as hopefully making hospital visits to kids who have undergone recent surgeries so they can sit in the car and meet the drivers.

We are asking you to help some crazy people who are willing to subject themselves to the perils of endurance racing, to do so for a great cause and put some smiles on some faces!


DeanTheMachine Group Photo

The Hydrocephalus Racing Team



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