2021 WALK to End Hydrocephalus Raises over $1.6 Million

Thanks to our passionate volunteers, we were able to hold 41 WALK to End Hydrocephalus events this year. Most of HA’s WALKs were held live and in person, bringing together the hydrocephalus community in cities across the country. In total, the WALKs raised over $1,6 million, with 734 teams participating and 6,500 registered participants and volunteers.

Families came together for the Long Island WALK to End Hydrocephalus in Belmont Lake State Park.

As of this writing, HA’s top WALK to End Hydrocephalus site (drumroll, please) was Long Island, co-chaired by Mia Padron and Jackie Davidson, raising $132,095. The success of this WALK is especially significant since WALK volunteer Co-Chairs, Mia and Jackie announced this was their last year to lead the event. They will definitely be missed but they are going out on a high note! We know the new volunteer leadership for this event will continue to build upon the foundation that’s been laid and make them proud.

“Although 2020 was a difficult year for the WALK to End Hydrocephalus program the hydrocephalus community rallied. Now in 2021 we are beginning to regain momentum. For WALKS that were held live and in person, the hydrocephalus community rejoiced in being able to renew connections and make new ones. It is gratifying that the WALK program continues to serve a dual purpose – raising money to provide the resources required for HA to continue its work, and bringing the hydrocephalus community together,” said Randi Corey, HA’s National Director of Special Events.

Top Ten WALK to End Hydrocephalus Sites (based on amount raised):

Long Island – Led by Mia Padron and Jackie Davidson
Orange County (Virtual) – Led by Erin Berger and Heather Kluter
Seattle – Led by Betsy Conyard
Los Angeles – Led by Jennifer Pope (with special thanks to the Los Angeles Kings)
National Capital – Led by Susan Fiorella and Amanda Garzon
Denver – Led by Phyllis Rogers
South Florida – Led by Kasey Andrew, Lisa Piazzese, Ronda Sobel and Eileen Rodger
Western NY – Led by Larry McKenzie, Stacy Fonagy, and Kelly McKenzie
Baltimore (Virtual) – Led by Jodi Heston, Ashley Sebastionelli, Dave Kellogg, CN: Sara Curran Kellogg, COMMS: Gina Moorhead
Cincinnati – Led by Mike and Heidi Knapke

This year, one of HA’s long term WALKS did something very different. The South Florida WALK to End Hydrocephalus held a Golf Tournament and Celebration.  Due to the generosity of the Jacaranda Golf Club, the expenses for the event were very low. After golfing the community gathered for kid’s activities, games, group photos and snacks, as well as the renowned South Florida HA Raffle! Special thanks to volunteer leaders Kasey Andrew, Lisa Piazzese, Ronda Sobel, and Eileen Rodger.  The event brought in almost $94,000 with donations continuing to arrive.

Congratulations to the Denver WALK to End Hydrocephalus (Chaired by volunteer Phyllis Rogers for 18 years), which achieved a cumulative total of $1,000,000.  In 2021, the Denver WALK raised over $100,000. Denver has come a long way since its first WALK in 2004, when it raised $3,900. Although Phyllis is stepping down as the volunteer Chair of the WALK we’re confident that Denver will continue to flourish.