12th National Conference: Tips on how you can afford it!

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Conference PictureThe National Conference on Hydrocephalus is our biennial gathering to self-educate and make or renew connections. Join doctors, nurses, parents, children, people living with hydrocephalus and people affected by it, as we celebrate our community.

While we strive to keep costs down for attendees and provide some financial aid for registration, there are other costs to consider, such as airfare and accommodations. Because of the chronic nature of hydrocephalus, many of us struggle to make ends meet. So we have put together a tip sheet to give you ideas on identifying sources that might provide financial assistance.

It often pays to solicit professional or charitable organizations. Consider non-specific organizations such as the Elks, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs; regional groups, like the Native Sons of the Golden West; and historical, veteran or recreational associations, such as the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the YMCA. These large organizations often promote raising money for worthy causes, including those involving chronic illness.

Here is a list of clubs and organizations to get you started. Keep in mind that these usually have a local chapter, and it’s best to deal with them at that level.


Regional Centers are also a great resource for parents. These are state-run organizations set up to assist parents with children who are at-risk developmentally. As the conference is geared to providing information for these children, Regional Centers are another potential source of financial assistance.

There are many conditions that are concomitant, related or causal to hydrocephalus. Consider approaching a nonprofit related to this other condition to see if it provides funding to promote better education or quality of life.

Some clinics provide grants to further the education of patients with chronic conditions.

Create an event and invite friends, family and people from your community. Let them know what the funds raised will be used for, why it’s important and how much their contribution is appreciated.
Perhaps a community group, like the local chapter of the Boy Scouts, would be willing to assist.

Limited financial aid is available to members of the Hydrocephalus Association to cover conference registration fees. Financial aid is awarded based on need. Fill in the financial aid application form and email it to us at info@hydroassoc.com by May 20, 2012.

To find out more about the Conference and to register, click here.

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    • Sam shouse
    • August 31, 2016

    Ok in the past 5 yrs my family has lost everything homes, cars, jobs, even our personal belongings due to my son having hydrocephalus ever time he needs up in the hospital it’s in another state whole family displaced jobs gone and he gets better to come home to start over is there someone other then ssi’s $773 a month that can help my family not lost everything to keep me some alive in five 5 yrs he has had 4 major hospitalizations and each one was for 30 days or more up to 3.5 months and in a paycheck to paycheck life that’s devastating home was for closed car repoed while at hospital everything what can we do to stop this domino affect

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