Research UPDATE: Investigating Alternative Treatment Options for Hydrocephalus

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Dr. Sonia Podvin

Dr. Sonia Podvin

The Hydrocephalus Association strives to support research which will help advance diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of patients with hydrocephalus. As of 2011, we have raised 2 million dollars for research. But where does that money go? One place is our Mentored Young Investigator (MYI) grant program, through which we aim to fund and encourage young researchers in the field of hydrocephalus. Since 2009, we have funded seven MYI’s. The work our MYI’s have conducted is both substantive and insightful, and HA wants to take the opportunity to showcase their fantastic contributions to hydrocephalus research. We begin with Sonia Podvin, Ph.D, a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California San Diego, who was one of two recipients of the Hydrocephalus Association 2011 Mentored Young Investigator Award. (more…)

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