Looking Back…Moving Forward: A Sister’s Love

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Roxana Ramos and Jorge CorvoAs we continue our interview series commemorating our 30th anniversary, this week we sit down with Roxana Ramos, the Hydrocephalus Association’s (HA) support group leader in South Florida. Roxana’s brother, Jorge Corvo, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 6 months of age due to complications at birth. He is forty-seven years old and has undergone multiple shunt replacements throughout his life, with the last one changing his shunt to a programmable valve. This was a very welcomed change for him, as it removed the need for emergency surgery in cases where he only needs an adjustment to the valve. Roxana sits down with Jennifer Bechard, our Support Group Liaison, and shares her motivations for leading a support group and her relationship with the Association.  (more…)

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