The Hydrocephalus Association WALK

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”
–Margaret Mead

HA WALK logo The truth behind this famous quotation is demonstrated by the history of Hydrocephalus Association (HA) WALKs!  In 1993 a small group of dedicated people affected by hydrocephalus gathered to walk across San Francisco’s Oakland Bay Bridge, their purpose: to unite the local hydrocephalus community to raise awareness of this life altering, potentially life threatening condition and to raise money for the Hydrocephalus Association’s program services. Since that humble beginning 19 years ago HA WALKS have grown to 30+ events held in 28 states across the U.S., annually raising almost $1 million dollars for HA’s mission – to eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus by ! All HA WALKS are volunteer initiated and coordinated, greatly maximizing the amount of funding that can be directed to the mission: to eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus by stimulating innovative research and providing support, education and advocacy for individuals, families and professionals dealing with hydrocephalus. In 2012 HA WALKS and special events (all volunteer initiated and coordinated) raised over $1,000,000 to support HA’s mission: education, support, advocacy and research.  It is anticipated that over 12,000 participants will be walking in 2013.To see our current WALK Schedule, please click here.Or to find out how you can start an HA WALK in your own community, contact [email protected].

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National Corporate WALK Sponsorship

National WALK sponsorship is available for corporations seeking to gain meaningful exposure to strengthen its image as a caring corporate citizen, increase the visibility of its brand, and gain new customers to enhance the bottom line.

Sponsorship of the HA WALK provides valuable exposure through a variety of media. Depending on the level of sponsorship, your corporation’s logo and name will be seen on all WALK materials (brochures, posters),  the HA website, individual WALK site webpages, e-mail blasts, e-newsletters and day of event activities.

National sponsorship is a tremendous opportunity for a company to stand out as a business that cares about improving the health of over 1 million Americans living with the challenges of hydrocephalus.  For more information on sponsorship opportunities available please contact Randi Corey ([email protected].)  Deadlines for the 2013 WALK are looming – don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain nationwide exposure while funding HA program services and research.

Local WALK site sponsorship is available for each of HA’s 30+ events.  The sponsorship levels and benefits vary by the size of the market and the parameters of the local WALK.  To obtain more information about sponsoring a WALK in your community please contact Randi Corey ([email protected])

To become a national sponsor of one of our signature WALK events contact us at: [email protected]