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Opportunities in Hydrocephalus Research:

Pathways to Better Outcomes

Opportunities in Hydrocephalus Research: Pathways to Better Outcomes was held in Seattle, Washington, July 9-11, 2012. The conference uniquely built upon the impressive success of the NIH-sponsored workshops “Hydrocephalus Myths, New Facts and Clear Directions” held in 2005 and “Improving Outcomes in Hydrocephalus: Bridging the Gap between Basic Science and Clinical Management” in 2009. The 2012 conference was unique in several important ways. First, our primary goal was to make the conference focused on the patient. To that end, we looked at hydrocephalus research from the patient perspective and collectively sought out areas of research that held early promise for improving patient care. Secondly, unlike most meetings, we were not going to have individual investigators comment solely on their own work. Instead recognized experts summarized the current state of their field of expertise and provided educated guidance on those areas of research that hold the most promise for early “winnable” achievements in improving patient care. Along these lines, we recognize that many important advancements will take longer and our experts identified the long-term goals that may lead to advanced treatment options or potential cures for hydrocephalus.

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