A Reason for Hope

A Reason for Hope is a $3 million campaign to invest in the study of hydrocephalus treatment, care, prevention and cure. The campaign will support HA’s Strategic Research Initiative that addresses issues through three priority investment areas: DonateButton

Priority Area 1: Stimulate the research ecosystem

Hydrocephalus has been perceived as “solved” by the introduction of the shunt and is not considered a cutting-edge scientific research area. Injecting young talent into the field of hydrocephalus research and creating a supportive career development path are essential to generating enough scientific activity to advance the field of research. Funding mentored young investigators and research conferences are critical components to creating a vibrant research environment to cure hydrocephalus.

Priority Area 2: Improve Clinical Outcomes and Quality of Life

As with many conditions, variations in medical practice abound, with no evidence behind treatment options or scientific evaluation of outcomes. A focused and collaborative clinical research effort such as the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network can rapidly improve treatments and outcomes by reducing shunt infection rates, shunt failures and variations in clinical practice.

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Priority Area 3: Advance the Study of the Root Causes

The basic mechanisms of brain injury and recovery as well as the function of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are poorly understood. Based on the work from two NIH workshops on hydrocephalus since 2005, there are a few basic research priorities that our expert advisers believe could lead to important advances. Studies in biomarkers, CSF physiology and genetics are the highest priority.

Our organizational mission is bold: to eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus. Implementation of our Strategic Research Initiative will catalyze a national effort to improve treatments and outcomes—and eventually find a cure for hydrocephalus.

We need your support to make this research agenda possible. Simply click here to make your donation or e-mail [email protected] to receive a campaign packet!

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