11th National Conference on Hydrocephalus

The 11th National Conference on Hydrocephalus was held in Cleveland from 6/17 thru 6/20.  Once again we came together and reconfirmed our commitment to community and the sense of mission that is already making a difference in the hydrocephalus landscape.  Sessions covered a wide range of topics related to hydrocephalus.  Doctors, scientists and experts in related fields selflessly provided the basis for a sound education on the subtleties of this highly nuanced condition.  We would like to express our gratitude to them for all they do to provide treatment, comfort and knowledge to our community.  See below for pictures, highlights and presentations from some of our conference sessions.


As always, we had the opportunity to see friends, colleagues and well-wishers.  In short, the many faces of hydrocephalus.  To access pictures from the Conference, please click on the picture below.this is a picture of the banner at the 11th national conference and also a button to see our other pictures


Two of the many highlights of the conference were two surgeries performed by neurosurgeon and conference chair Mark Luciano, MD to treat hydrocephalus.  Conference attendees were able to watch both procedures live while interacting with knowledgeable medical and industry personnel about what they were seeing.  The first procedure was a shunt placement surgery and the second was for an ETV (Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy).  Both of these procedures are available for viewing below:

Shunt Placement Surgery
Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy


Below are a list of available presentations given at the conference.  We will be providing access to more as they become available.

Session ID Session
104 HRekate-Adults Treated in Childhood
302 HRekate&DWallace-Transition of Care
305 NBradley-Pregnancy&Hydrocephalus
401 AZabel-Adolescent and Young Adults-Neuropsychological-Issues
503 Think-Globally-Act-Locally
505 HRekate-5th-Int-Workshop
601 HRekate-Headaches in Patients with Shunts
606 AZabel-The ABCs of IEPs
LiveETV-HRekate-Selecting Patients for ETV.pdf