Ongoing Management of Hydrocephalus

Surgical treatment of hydrocephalus saves lives – but saving lives is not enough; it is important to attend to the quality of those lives. We encourage you to focus on what you can do at each stage of life to assure the highest possible quality of life for yourself or the person you care about who has hydrocephalus. Empower yourself – explore the social, emotional, educational and advocacy issues facing people with hydrocephalus and learn from those who’ve come before you.

Hydrocephalus can affect cognitive, social and physical development and abilities in different ways in different people. For some of the challenges that may occur with hydrocephalus, and suggestions on how to proactively manage them, we have created Fact Sheets. For a more in-depth look at issues including headaches, vision problems, learning disabilities, education strategies, hospitalization challenges, and other ongoing management issues, see our list of downloadable Fact Sheets.