Hydrocephalus Physician Directories

Information presented here has been compiled from questionnaires completed by the physicians.  Our directories are intended solely as a resource:  the physicians listed herein are in no way endorsed, reviewed or recommended by the Hydrocephalus Association or its members.  We acknowledge that there are physicians not listed who may specialize in hydrocephalus.  If you know of a doctor who specializes in hydrocephalus and should be added to the directory, please contact us or download one of the forms below.

If you are experiencing difficulty downloading any of our information, please contact us at [email protected] to request an emailed copy.

Pediatric Directory

This directory contains neurosurgeons whose primary practice is devoted to pediatrics. Some pediatric neurosurgeons also treat young adults who have had hydrocephalus since childhood.  Doctors who treat pediatric and adult patients are identified with an asterisk.

Adult Directory

This directory contains neurosurgeons and neurologists who have experience in diagnosing and treating hydrocephalus in adults, including normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). Neurosurgeons have (NSG) after their name.  Neurologists have (NUL) after their name.  Doctors who treat pediatric and adult patients are identified with an asterisk.

Please see our lists of questions which may be helpful in preparing to meet with a doctor about hydrocephalus.

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