Rhode Island Teen with Hydrocephalus not Allowed to Attend School Dance

Danielle Bacon, a high school senior from Coventry, RI is being prohibited from attending her school’s Winter Ball. Still recovering from recent surgery to treat her hydrocephalus she has been given permission to attend the dance by her doctor. However, school policy says she can only attend the dance if she goes to school on the day of the dance.

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7 Responses to “Rhode Island Teen with Hydrocephalus not Allowed to Attend School Dance”
  1. Mia says:

    this is unfair for her. she knows her body’s limits and she knows what she can and can’t do.

  2. Samantha Mills says:

    Thats not fair.. I think they should let her go to stuff like that even if she misses school!

  3. Kristy says:

    This is NOT fair at all!!! I understand that the school probably made that rule so that kids wouldn’t cut class and then go to the dance but this situation is completely different. I hope the administrators change their minds after all this publicity and if they don’t, well, I hope their child is never in this situation and I hope they can sleep at night! Shameful!! Danielle, you rock girl! Keep fighting!!

  4. Cynthia Griswold says:

    I feel badly for Danielle & I suspect she isn’t alone. My daughter Hannah missed the last 2 years of high school, including all the dances. In an 18 month period she endured over 40 surgeries & mulitple stays in the hospital. In California, a student placed on a hospital to home program (the teacher comes to the home) is not allowed to attend school functions. Even if her doctor had said she was well enough. I’m not sure if Danielle is on a similar program, if she is that is probably the reason the school won’t let her attend. I loved her statement saying she never allowed hydrocephalus to deter her from living. Keep at it Danielle. I hope you are able to go this year!

  5. Cathy Landers says:

    Not allowing a person to attend the prom due to missing for recent surgery is, in my opinion, a breach of the law against discrimination due to disability. If she has someone even to mention the fact that she can sue for this, they will be glad to comply. I have a daughter with hydrocephaly, who has had some revisions of her shunt, at times was only hospitalized 3 to 5 days with it. If she goes to school a little while, and checks out, then perhaps they can say she attended, but I believe that if the Hydrocephaly Association would call the school they would not even require that, when it is pointed out that they will be in danger of losing their federal funding if they breach the IDEA act.
    Have fun at the PROM!

  6. Thomas says:

    thats really stupid!!….. if the doctor gave her permission y should the school go against it? THIS SHOULD B PROTESTED AGAINST!!!!!!!!!!!! who’s with me!

  7. Kathie Kopp says:

    As the mother of a 17 year old son with Hydrocephalus I have come up against this type of ignorance before. Some schools, ugh… I’m just sayin… Absolutely ridiculous and ignorant on the school’s part. Discrimination runs rampant. Good for you Danielle, don’t let anything hold you back!!!!!

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