Over 2,500 New Cases of Hydrocephalus Reported in Uganda Each Year

New Vision, a Ugandan newspaper, reports that health estimates show over 2,500 new cases of hydrocephalus are reported each year. Since treatment can be cost prohibitive, Johnson Derek, the Executive Director for CURE hospital in Mbale, states that they have developed a way to assess families ability to pay and are providing children much needed medical help.

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2 Responses to “Over 2,500 New Cases of Hydrocephalus Reported in Uganda Each Year”
  1. Sima Schoen says:

    how is it possible that they are finding 2500 new cases of hydrocephalus a year in Uganda? Is there an environmental or genetic component that is correlated with that high a number in cases?
    Sima Schoen

  2. amandagarzon says:

    Sima, great question! This statistic was reported by the Ugandan newspaper and I do not know where they have pulled it from. However, a while ago we ran a story about a study that was linking climate to brain infection and subsequently leading to hydrocephalus. The study was in Uganda. That could be a piece of the puzzle. Here is a link to the article: http://www.hydroassoc.org/hydro-in-the-news/researchers-find-link-between-climate-and-brain-infection/

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