Establishment of a Hydrocephalus Registry Currently Under Consideration in Australia

The Australian Government Department of Health and Aging has submitted a report currently under review to establish a registry of individuals with hydrocephalus. The registry is part of a larger initiative by the Australian government to improve surveillance of  certain high risk implantable medical devices as well as track patient outcomes.

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2 Responses to “Establishment of a Hydrocephalus Registry Currently Under Consideration in Australia”
  1. Andrew Garde says:


    Thanks for the interest with hydrocephalus in Australia!
    The Hydrocephalus Support Association (Australia) has been working with our patron Neurosurgeon on this proposal and he met with the former secretary of health and aging, we have assisted by arranging members to send letters of support. We are hopeful that the proposal will be accepted by the Australian Government although it is an election year here this year.

    Vice President
    Hydrocephalus Support Association

  2. amandagarzon says:

    We look forward to watching the movement of the Registry through your political system. It’s very exciting.

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