6 Year Old Publishes Book on Hydrocephalus

Thomas Lawson of Little Rock, Arkansas, has taking his love for writing and drawing and published a book to help raise awareness of hydrocephalus. His inspiration is his younger brother, Taylor, who has undergone 17 brain surgeries and has three shunts to treat his hydrocephalus. The book is called, “It’s Not Just Brain Surgery.”

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One Response to “6 Year Old Publishes Book on Hydrocephalus”
  1. Tricia says:

    I’ve been so inspriated reading children,teens, adults comments on hydrocephalus. I create awareness for others by reading books,blogs, searching up information on hydrocephalus as to myself have hydrocephalus since infant. This brings a smile to my face to know that in not alone in this.
    I thank you for websites like hydroassoc.org for the motivation.

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