Portland: Here We Come! 2014 Hydrocephalus Conference

Hydrocephalus Association Conference in Portland OregonSAVE THE DATE: The 13th National Conference on Hydrocephalus will take place in Portland, OR, on July 9-11, 2014!

The goal of our conferences is to provide tools and connections to address the medical, educational and social complexities of living with hydrocephalus and to provide the opportunity for an enjoyable get together!

There will also be plenty of interactive sessions, the cornerstone educational seminars by our team of medical professionals and researchers with time for Q&A, the ever popular hands-on brain anatomy and physiology lab, and the dinner and dance with talent show.

Our patient-centered conferences empower all of us to understand, seek out and put into place the care, programs and services that will meet our needs now and well into the future.

Stay tuned for the hotel and registration details!

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“I have enjoyed the atmosphere and the common interests while having the opportunity to meet others and learn about hydrocephalus and any changes in treatment or services”

“We came away from both conferences as better advocates for our child. Confident and educated, also emotionally energized! Thank you for all you do! Our son is 16 years old now and I feel like you’ve been a guiding light in our journey with Dandy-Walker syndrome (13 surgeries before age 6).”




8 Responses to “Portland: Here We Come! 2014 Hydrocephalus Conference”
  1. Brenda Nelson says:

    Hope you will perhaps present something addressing long term shunt, those who have had shunts from infancy and well into adulthood.

  2. Barbara Bosch says:

    This upcoming conference would it benefit adults with IIH with problematic VP shunt?

  3. Bonnie Poli says:

    Yes, would like to hear about the effects of long term shunt use. Also the effects of hydrocephalus on de elopement.

  4. Eugene Tridfan says:

    I would like to hear about hydrocephalus complications or related conditions (such as slit-ventricle syndrome, Chiari malformations, syringomielya, migraines, etc)

  5. andrew liebig says:

    Can you please tell me if you have any scholarships for the conference to help like first timers or any other help?

  6. Rosie Smith says:

    My son (41) has spina bifida with hydrocephalus and only 2 shunt ops 10 days and 11yrs. Very litle ongoing support or check ups since then either medically, educationally (non existent) or within workforce. Insufficient public awareness , understanding or even willingness to be informed. We need to work to raise profile of hydrocephalus just as autism/aspergers syndrome.

  7. amandagarzon says:

    Andrew, we do! Please email info@hydroassoc.org for more information.

  8. Tracie says:

    I have ha hydrocephalus since birth from 2006-2013 i have had multiple replaced.I want to go to the conf. in July.So my new husband can learn more.My last surgery in April took a lot outta me.I wasn’t able to walk this last time for almost 2mths.Unable to find out a map ect. How much it costs to come and go to this.And we will have to travel 811 miles from Ca. So please get back to me @ e~mail provided…Many thanks.

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