Donating & Volunteering for Hydrocephalus

The Hydrocephalus Association is dedicated to helping families and individuals whose lives have been touched by hydrocephalus and the professionals who work diligently to create a brighter future through medical excellence and research.

We invite you to get involved by donating, volunteering or participating.


You can donate in one of three ways: become a member, donate directly, or purchase a product whose proceeds provide us with direct support.

Volunteer and Participate

You can also get involved by volunteering or participating in Hydrocephalus Association events and national advocacy efforts to increase research in hydrocephalus and improve healthcare policies.

Submit Your Photos

We are always looking for new photos to add to our website.  Share your photos with us from family, team, or support events, and you may see them on our website!  You can submit up to 5 photos at a time and all photos will be stored on the Hydrocephalus Association Flickr account.

Are you interested in connecting with people in the hydrocephalus community?  Want to inspire others to learn more about hydrocephalus?  Do you enjoy the great feeling that comes with making a difference in people’s lives?

Get involved with the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) in the continuing effort to eliminate the challenges facing our community!

The HA Partners Network includes Support Group leaders, WALK Chairpersons, Advocacy Point Persons and currently covers twenty-three states across the nation (check map)!  Our Partners efforts on a local level are vital to the success of our community.

Here are some ways you can get involved!


Join us as we walk, run and ride to spread awareness and raise funds to improve the lives of individuals affected by hydrocephalus.  These one day events held in cities across the USA are a great way to meet others in the hydrocephalus community.

What can you do?

  1. Organize a fundraising / awareness WALK: Our goal is to hold a WALK event in every one of the 50 United States.  Does a WALK exist in your community?  Organizing a WALK is a great experience, but does take a good bit of volunteer time.  We suggest doing this with a partner or group to divide the tasks and responsibilities
  2. Create a Team: If a WALK seems like ti would require too much effort to fit into your schedule, you can locate a walk near your town and create a team.  Teams raise money and awareness by fundraising, usually in honor o one person and walking together at the event.
  3. Donate Resources: Don’t have much time, but you do have great contacts?  Volunteer your resources and give an in-kind donation such as corporate sponsor connections, donations for the raffle/auction, or a skill such as photography or catering.

To get involved in a WALK event near you, contact Randi Corey, our Director of Special Events at [email protected].

Support Group

By sharing experiences and bringing in medical professionals to answer questions, support is provided to individuals, families and caregivers facing the challenges of hydrocephalus. These groups meet quarterly and are often catered to specific age groups.

How you can get involved:

  1. Start your own support group:  If there is not a support group in your area, then start one.  Do not feel that you have to start big.  Sometimes the most effective ways is to start small (literally inviting people into your living room) and growing from there.  The Hydrocephalus Association can connect you with current support group leaders to answer your questions, send you literature, give you meeting topic ideas and help contact potential members in your area through our database.
  2. Join your local support group committee:  Is there already and established group in your area?  Support Group Leaders are always looking for assistance.  Do you like sending kind notes, be the sunshine coordinator.  Strong with math, become the treasurer.  The options are endless with tasks that when properly divided, do not take much time, but make a real difference.

To get involved with a Support Group near you, contact Jennifer Bechard our Support Group Liaison at: [email protected].

Take Action

Become an Advocacy Point person in your community.  Our Advocacy Point Persons meet with their state and national government leaders to organize hydrocephalus awareness days and months within the state, city and local community.

Want to Take Action?  Please contact us at [email protected].

Join Gabriel’s Life

Share your story, create a blog. Tell the world what is important to you about hydrocephalus.

Do you have more ideas

The hydrocephalus Association is always interested in supporting your personal awareness and fund-raising ventures.  We understand that volunteers have different strengths, bot personally and with our communities.  Please send your ideas to [email protected]