Blair, 38

The author of Adolescence Interrupted, a coming-of-age memoir that serves as a motivational road map for anyone forced to confront the overwhelming reality of a daily existence without stability or safety nets.

Philip, 44

I was born with an eye condition called Congenital Toxoplasmosis. During the 1970’s doctors did not know much about the Toxoplasmosis condition. However they now know this condition does more damage to the body than just the eyes

Lyra, 3

This is Lyra. She is a beautiful, sassy, and strong 3 year old who was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus.

Matthew, 9

Matthew needed additional brain surgeries to move the catheter into his ventricle where, unless a cure is found, it will stay for the rest of his life. 

Maylee, 16 months

Maylee has an amazing, happy little personality despite all she’s been through.  She is truly a tough little hydrocephalus warrior!

Logan, 9

In the end, we had no answer to what caused Logan’s acquired Hydrocephalus but it didn’t matter, he can do anything he puts his mind to and Hydrocephalus will not stop him!

Heather, 30

An MRI in January 2016 revealed a break in the catheter and I prepared myself for surgery number 5 in one year!

Kaine, 9 months

On Jan. 22 my water broke with my second child. The problem: He wasn’t due until March 10!

Charlie, 11

We had to make the decision to either deliver the boys to save baby ‘B’, or let him go, so that the other two could keep growing. We chose to deliver.

Taelley, 2 1/2

My identical twin girls Taelley and Pelley were born at 26 weeks 6 days. Too early!

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