Hydrocephalus Association Press Releases

3/11/2014 Experts in Brain Function Decry Lack of Care for Treatable Dementia Patients
10/10/2013 Letter of Recognition from Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)
10/09/2013 Senator Schumer Applauds New York City Event for Promoting New Treatments for Brain Condition
10/01/2013 MacArthur Foundation Genius Award Recipient to Keynote the First Annual Vision Dinner to Benefit the Hydrocephalus Association
09/19/2013 Top Hospitals in World’s Largest Medical Center Join Patients to Raise Awareness and Critical Research Funding for Incurable Brain Condition
09/17/2013 Rising Pop-country Singer Raises Awareness for Rare Brain Condition
09/10/2013 LA Kings Ice Crew Will Help Raise Awareness for Incurable Brain Condition
09/09/2013 International Distance Runner Will Lead the National Capital 5K Run for Hydrocephalus
07/20/2013 Chicago WALKs for the Hydrocephalus Association
07/19/2013 Local Teen Organizes Charity WALK to Raise Awareness for Incurable Brain Condition
04/30/2013 New Cause of Congenital Hydrocephalus Opens Door to Collaborative Research Study
04/23/2013 Statement on Prevalence of Hydrocephalus in Response to Case of Baby Roona Begum
04/17/2013 Former Aerosmith Guitarist to Play Live at Barnes and Noble in Burlington, MA
02/13/2013 Hydrocephalus Association Announces Scientific and Medical Review Committee
12/7/2012 Hydrocephalus Association Offers Grants on Cerebrospinal Fluid Research
09/28/2012 Hydrocephalus Association launches Spanish-language Pages on Hydrocephalus
08/14/2012 Hydrocephalus Association Moves National Headquarters to Washington, D.C. Area
06/29/2012 Hydrocephalus Association Receives Half Million Dollar Gift
06/21/2012 Hydrocephalus Association Announces Three Million Dollar Campaign
06/15/2012 NetFlix Founder Headlines Groundbreaking Research Conference
06/04/2012 HA Partners with HCRN to Promote Groundbreaking Clinical Research
05/31/2012 Future Research Grants a Major Focus of Hydrocephalus Research Conference
05/15/2012 Top Researchers & Clinicians Develop Future Hydrocephalus Research Agenda
05/07/2012 Getting to the Heart of Hydrocephalus
09/14/2011 Hydrocephalus Association Chairman Appointed to NINDS Advisory Council
09/07/2011 The Hydrocephalus Association Announces Dawn Mancuso as Chief Executive Officer
10/18/2010 Teen Advocacy Program Launched for Hydrocephalus
02/24/2010 Hydrocephalus Association Announces Boozlepalooza