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Hydrocephalus Association
4340 East West Highway, Suite 905
Bethesda, MD  20814

Our Team:

We have a dedicated staff working daily to fulfill our mission to eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus. To learn more about our staff, visit our Staff page.

Dawn Mancuso, MAM, CAE, FASAE
Chief Executive Officer
(301) 202-3811 extension 11
[email protected]
Jennifer Bechard
Support Group Liaison
Teens Take Charge Mentor
(301) 202-3811 extension 22
[email protected]
Randi Corey
Director of Special Events
(301) 202-3811 extension 19
[email protected]
Amanda Garzón
Communications and Marketing Manager
(301) 202-3811 extension 26
[email protected]
Aisha Heath, CFRE
Director of Development
(301) 202-3811 extension 17
[email protected]
Marisol Ortiz
Database and Donor Relations Manager
(301) 202-3811 extension 21
[email protected]
Karima Roumila, MPH
Director of Support and Education
(301) 202-3811 extension 14
[email protected]
Michael Ticzon
Special Events Coordinator
(301) 202-3811 extension 12
[email protected]
Amy Weist
Business Manager
(301) 202-3811 extension 10
[email protected]
Ashly Westrick, MPH
Research Manager
(301) 202-3811 extension 24
[email protected]